Counselling & Psychotherapy


Counselling with John offers you a private space to talk through what you are feeling or what is going on for you in a supportive, confidential and non judgmental way. It helps you to clarify what you want from life organically, addressing your own needs and regaining control of self.

Counselling is what I do, listening carefully to you in a non-judgmental way,  encouraging you to identify yourself and allow you space to develop your own coping skills. My gentle non-intrusive humanistic approach creates an atmosphere of relaxation so a lot of work naturally flows and clients eventually feel a sense of  freedom from their issues. My place of practice is located 10 minutes from the M7 Moneygall  (Exit 23), in a remote area with peace and privacy.

"We all go through changes in life at some stage that we may not be able to cope with on our own. I offer a relaxing setting to open up and release whatever is blocking life flow within. What maybe a major issue for you however when looked at the situation from a different set of lens by someone else may not be as big at all. Every problem has a resolution somewhere. It's normally within ourselves that problems start, then escalate from there. Thinking is one of our major problems that can lead us astray. When we change the way we think, generally change take place all around us. Most problems are fear based and when we take out the fear and work with it, love appears. Working out of love will take you far." John.


"John's ability to expertly mix professionalism with humility and calmness allowed me to work through my sessions in a safe and welcoming environment, giving ample time to reflect on progress. I am greatly indebted to him for all his work which has benefited me. "


Contact me to schedule your first appointment on  087 6330541 or use the link below.