About Us

         Both John & Deborah continue on a magical journey together and are delighted to help & guide YOU our client's in what ever way we can. It wouldn't be possible without hard work and determination we both put into our own personal development. We met each other, got married, created our stunning daughter Meera and opened a beautiful cafe all within the space of four years of meeting each other. John decided to change career late in life to pursue his passion in helping others. We are open to talk about our journey, the ups and downs and the break throughs and how life normally goes, how hard work with consistency and determination eventually pays off.

         Deborah, a fantastic wise soul, wife, mother of our daughter and chef of over thirty years ran her own successful cafe in Nenagh for nine years along with her dedicated staff. Her commitment and strength has brought her further on that journey past all the hurdles life throws at us and continues to be successful. "Behind every good man - there's a great woman standing".

John, a husband, a father, an Integrative therapist in service of others, a fully accredited member of A.C.I and I.P.H.M continues his educational journey in counselling and psychotherapy throughout 2022/3. In the past he has worked in residential treatment settings counselling young men suffering from substance misuse & trauma and currently volunteers in projects for wellbeing.  He has many healing qualities to share and easy to talk to without judgement. John, a wise and well travelled individual, has always been in service to others in some form or another throughout his life from rescue services like the R.N.L.I and Search & Recovery Dive Units to serving customers in retail in which he spent over twenty years of his life. Today using his skills of intuition, knowledge and experiences of spirituality integrates all this into the therapy session to aid others find themselves and allow them to flourish by finding their purpose in life.